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This site was featured on on March 31, 2003 :

Here are my thoughts.

It was lighthearted, for F sake! Cheer up!

I AM an Amateur. I love what ham radio can be, but that doesn't mean I can't see it from a non Amateur's point of view.

by KZ1X on March 31, 2003 

Not everybody gets it.

How true :o)

by WB5PLJ on March 31, 2003 What urks me is that they didn't even bother to find out the truth before putting up that drivle. I am asuming that they are lazy, eithor that or they are out right lying. I didn't notice an email add on the site. but I did notice a line saying that some magaziene suggested their pages. maybe I will write to the magazine. you can't make people drink from the troth but you could at least lead them to a troth as opposed to bucket of dirt. Where do I start?! Irks. Drivel. Assuming. Either. Outright. Magazine. Trough. Capital letters at the start of sentences. What bucket of dirt? I was only gently taking the mick!
by KX8N on March 31, 2003 They are trying to promote their radio service - PMR446. Of course! They also bash every other means of communication in existence other than their own. So what's the big deal? The page is basically an ad. Ads usually bash the competitors. Hooray, someone gets it!
by KG4RUL on March 31, 2003 After trying to use FRS radios, and listening to the CB type operations that FRS users like, I can't believe that having these folks here in this country would be a good idea! Thanks, we love you too! BTW - I still think morse code should be dropped from the General licensing requirements. He's OK after all!
by N6TGK on March 31, 2003 Everyone has a right to their opinion. Phew! I certainly don't think it should be dropped AT ALL for HF privileges. 5 wpm is not that difficult. What it really comes down to is the unwillingness of people to learn. Everyone these days wants something for nothing, especially American society. *groan* not another one! Any person can study for and pass a multiple choice test. Any person can study for and pass a morse code test. The difference? Morse code takes more time and therefore most people don't want to mess with it. It's all about what's relevant. Why ask someone to learn Morse when they never want to use it? Who gave you some God given right to make other people jump through unecessary hoops? Back "in the day" when I took the test... Stop, that says it all! give it to me for free. Not at all, the exams can stay.
by K7LCS on March 31, 2003 BIG YAWN...... Thanks. Thanks for keeping us awake too. CW TODAY, CW TOMORROW, CW FOREVER.... Fine, for those who WANT to work this one specific mode.
by RAD1OMAN on March 31, 2003 I do want to thank them for the heads up! You're welcome And to think there was a request (by some LID) to allow these EuroFRS radios to operate in the USA. I thought it was quite logical, really. You can't really stop it happening, why make lawbreakers out of guests in your country? As for the geocities site, it is just one big love fest... Of course it is! What else do you expect? We've been waiting for these things for years! .. for this tiny, milliwatt noise makers (all other services can't compare to our 500mw UHF radios, and we will tell you how to inductively couple a bowtie antenna!)... Don't knock it until you've tried it. And, you're welcome to persuade the European governments to give us services like GMRS or MURS. All we have is 27 lousy MHz, and 446! not just a big yawn, but a HUGE YAWN. Funny how infectious yawns are..
by KB1JPB on March 31, 2003 This just seems silly. MURS does everything these people want to do (and maybe more), and doesn't require a license. I don't understand what they're on about. Way to go, truly Olympic quality Missing The Point. Have you ever heard of Europe? Countries apart from your own? Do you think USA regulation apply globally?!
by ZL2FZ on March 31, 2003 Well folks here we go again..... Yes, does this HAVE to be a Morse/HF thread? if they dont drop it then...there wont be many hams left! Probably true, long term. ..old school boy type....i did it so everyone else must Yes! ..this dying hobby! I dont mean that the tickets should be handed out willy about we keep the entry exam and then if the operator wishes to transmit on the HF bands You get it! Wait for WRC 2003 :o) But what the hell would i know! Plenty enough! 73
by VK4TGM on March 31, 2003 I like things just like they are, and if they change, so what? I make my own 'rules' and goals to ensure I get out of the hobby exactly what I expect. For me, it's still an adventure, and I am constantly astounded that, with the aid of a few tiny and rediculously cheap electronic components, I can build something that will allow me to be heard far away. Good on you, cheers Grant!
by N0MTY on March 31, 2003 I had to laugh when I saw the frequency range that guy was referring to, given that it's in our band. Anything else I can do to keep you smiling? The equipment's junk too. Don't blame us! However, don't discount his viewpoint before you walk a mile in his shoes. I'm liking this direction.. He clearly lacks some knowledge, but that's not exactly his fault. .. no, you've blown it. What's lacking? ..continual degradation of our school system, teacher layoffs, absentee parents... WTF? Do you live and breathe stereotypes? Gotta give the first poster credit, he got those parts right anyway, he's not stupid, and for what he lacks a lot of us are responsible. More missing the point? The first poster was quoting something he'd seen on this website! Additionally, they grow up with cellphones, pagers, the internet, and such, so don't understand the concept and need for licenses and callsigns. Bullsh..! Ham radio is fine with licences, and callsigns are OK but that doesn't mean it appeals to everyone. It's logkeeping that really annoys me though! I can't say I ever went to a school and took time to teach anyone there anything about amateur radio, and until I do I'm part of the problem. Yeah! ;o) Tradition is what will kill ham radio. When you get your private pilot's license you're not required to learn celestial navigation, when you get a driver's license you're no longer required to have a guy with a flag walk a ways in front of your car to avoid scaring the horses, so why pass a test on any single mode of emission unless/until you choose to use it? Let's have a decent knowledge test on all of them individually... Amen! let the individual decide. Only the oldfarts think we need CW for a 'filter'. Praise the Lord! We have to realize that if we don't grow and change with the times, we're risking losing all we worked for in ham radio... There's room in the hobby for everyone that learns how it works and passes the tests... - a man With A Clue after all. Cheers!

There is also some commenting going on, on under "I've heard it all now..."

Nice to the comment on eHam : "A web page says hams can be duller than matt black paint in a coal mine, and you guys prove him right!"