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I'm sorry, I can't reply to anyone, although I may communicate via trusted friends. I don't like to give any clues to anyone who can't work it out, as to who or where I am. As you may be aware, the laws regarding radio equipment are rather restrictive in this country, in comparison to more enlightened areas of the world such as the USA. I actually have nothing to hide, being a responsible radio amateur (yes really!), but I still don't fancy having strange blokes ferret about my home looking for whatever evidence they feel like 'finding'. I don't need the hassle. I'm sure if 'they' were at all bothered by my radio-related internet activities 'they' would know all my details already. Maybe there's another 'they', who don't quite have the full means to find out, LOL. That second lot can mind their own business :o)

I wouldn't be so daft as to commit radio offences, as I value my amateur licence too much. I keep to the terms of my licence, and if anyone in my household or a visiting friend tunes my amateur gear to any frequency outside of amateur bands, or lends me a scanner, I make sure such frequencies are not stored in memories. There is nothing to find. I am very interested in radio systems, and the way the spectrum is allocated, channel arrangements etc., but there is plenty of information out there and so a scanner is not really required. I do not want to put my name and callsign to this website just in case someone thinks "this guy must have loads or gear, let's pay him a visit" (criminal OR authority). In fact, I once did have a fair amount of stuff, but sold everything non-amateur to raise funds for family matters.

Wishing you a good lifetime of radio enjoyment,
All the best,

11 June 2004

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